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Cntss Morralyne Gloomfaust
The Land of Gloomfaust

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Links through the Castle

Welcome to Gloomfaust
Main Page, Enter the land and meet the Countess
Cntss Morra in her Study
View the personal study of the Countess
Morra's Crypt
Grand Hallway
Pictures of Family and Friends line the grand hallway
CntssMorra's Wizards Mark
see her marking up close...
CntssMorra's Links Page!
favorite links
Gloomfaust Gazette Archives
See the newsletter of the land.
CntssMorra's Creator
meet the lady behind Morra
The Muns of Gloomfaust !!
Meet your the real players
The Camera Shy MUNs !!
More players, just a bit shy

Welcome to the Land of Gloomfaust among the mists & roses Illustrated by
thanks Raith ::smiles::

((** Many may be confused at this site......   Morra is an online
roleplay character that I have had the pleasure to create and
play...**This is her world...**I would just like to take the time to
thank...Oh Wow, so many people...without you ..all of you ....Morra
wouldn't be all that touched Morra's Life and mine...I Thank
You...for helping me breathe (life...or is it unlife ::laughs::) into
Morra....Seriously, for all the wonderful people that play her family
and friends, her mentors and enemies...this has been one of THE BEST
rides of my life...I Love all of you...I won't dare to name you all fear i would leave one person off the list...To Each one of
you...I dedicate this page to you...I went through a bit of memories
in putting this together...I hope I've been able to make her world a
little more real.......))

Black Roses....their scent is intoxicating...their perfection keeps one in awe...My Rose Garden is filled with many of them......each more outstanding than the next....becareful of the perfect catch your gaze....