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"Hiya! Yes that's me and my puppy Genie. Isn't she cute ?"

Full name:		Loriann ... not telling last name 
Nicknames:	   Lori, morra's mun, the crazy mun, Lor, hmmm i bet bitch also
DOB:		12/6/66
Birthplace:      Brooklyn, NY  
Hometown:	 Staten Island, NY
Parent(s):		yes 
Sibling(s):		jayne and joan, their twins
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse:     yes......yes......yes.... LOL 
Children:		nope
Name of clan or guild:	i'm italian enough said
Straight, gay, or bi?:		Straight
True form:		female 
What do you look like:	long black hair, brown eyes....i'm short...::laughs::
Favorite actor/actress:		Marilyn Monroe
Favorite movies:		hmmm....alot.....Grease, Night of the Comet, Rocky series, Dragonheart, Somewhere in time, Titanic and many more
Favorite drink:		Pina coladas, vodka and cranbery, dry white wine - folonari or snapple diet ice tea or coke
How many bodies consumed:		n/a
Best Bud:		Dorothy :P &  Jen ::waves:: hi D !
Pets and their names:		my  Peke, Genie
Hobbies:		AOL of course, reading , writing, nintendo, dancing, wrestling-watching that is, music
Things you collect:		anything marilyn monroe, books
Favorite body part on/in you:		my eyes 
Favorite body part on the opposite sex:	hmmmm, i like butts.....i'm a pincher	
Any tattoos and where of what?: 		not yet.....working on it
Piercings and where?:		2 in left ear, 1 in right
What do u sleep in?		::laughs:: my chair 
What do you think of chain letters?:	ACKKKKKKK	
Best Advice:		make love not war..........  Life sucks then you die 
Important lessons you've learned:		tis false, blondes don't have all the fun..
Words and phrases u over use:	 i see,  hun, ..................... , yea, right, like 
Non-sport activity u enjoy:		see hobbies 
Coolest experience of my life:		seeing bette midler was cool, asking some stranger ....what are you doing in this chat room? what are the :: :: for ?
Scariest thing you've ever done:	 	new years day.....the cops....enough said
Favorite thing to do:		uhmmm aol, write stories, play with my puppy
Special Skills or talent:	LOL not many know this..... i tap dance....	
Whats your bedtime:		when i pass out 
Where do you shop?		at the mall
Are you a virgin?:		yea sure right 
What is your favorite thing to wear?:		sweatshirt and stretches
Boys/Girls you like?: 		most
Funniest experience?:	:::laughs::: too embarrassing to say
Favorite Website:	 The International Lyrics Server 
Favorite author:		V.C Andrews, A.N. Roquelaure
Favorite color(s):		Red and Black and Pink
Favorite book(s): 	any from the above,  knights, bid time return
Quote that best describes you:	"she's alot of fun!"

One night online i met this guy.....well he was into shrinking....and well........he shrunk me!  ::laughs:: it didn't hurt but Genie was sure interested in what happened to me. 

Meet the guy who did this to me -  The Reducer's Realm - Main Page.