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Welcome to the Camera Shy Section for our MUNs. :)

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Camera Shy MUNs.......


Character Name: Emma Jones, Robyn Odessa Noir **
Real Name: Emily, but my friends call me Emma **
DOB: 9/4 **
Birthplace: Canton, Ohio ** 
Hometown: Canton, Ohio **

Sibling(s): one older sister **
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: possibly maybe....**
Children: nope**

Nationality: Romanian, Hungarian, Polish**
What do you look like: short, dark blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses**
Famous Person do you look like: I don't really look like anyone, but my friends say I act like Daria, if that counts for anything...**
Favorite actor/actress: Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny**
Favorite movies: Indiana Jones, Scream 1 and 2, Star Wars *most prized possession: an original Yoda board game in mint condition from 1981**
Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper, IBC root beer**
Best Buddy: Kat Tillman, Paul Coyne**
Pets and their names: Maggie, Golden Retriever; York, Gerbil; Jimmy, Gerbil**
Hobbies: being with my friends, hating school, aol, writing, reading, redecorating my room **
Things you collect: anything star wars, business cards, books**

Best Advice: if you don't do something today, you might not be able 
to do it tomorrow...don't be sad because it's over, be happy because
it happened**
Important lessons you've learned: when today sucks,  tomorrow is
always another day... **

Coolest experience of my life: being completely vertical on some
carnival ride, tubing for the very first time, diving into a puddle
and getting completely drenched after my friends team won the soccer
championships in the rain. **
Scariest thing you've ever done: well, among the many things, I got
locked in a pitch black closet with one of my friends for and hour
and a half... **
Favorite thing to do: use the computer or be with my friends**
Special Skills or talent: I supposedly can give really good advice
and am a good writer..that's what my friends say**
Funniest experience?: Oh dear....hmm..too many and my friends don't
let me forget any of them**
Favorite Website:**
Favorite author: Terry Brooks**
Favorite color(s): Blue, Green, Black**
Favorite book(s): The Cage, The Sword of Shannara, The Upstairs Room**
Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: When Robyn was born **
Quote that best describes you:  There's no such thing as
normal....and even if there was, I wouldn't want to be it-me**


Character Name: BEODRAGON **
Real Name: DsD**
DOB: 66**
Birthplace: Texas**
Hometown: Texas**

Sibling(s): I was raised with two older sisters .Way older than
me,yes they smacked me around and shoved me in the hamper and all
that good kinda stuff.Yes they got thier "comeupins"when I became
bigger than they.:)..which was when I was about ten.**
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: a wife,coming up on ten years.**
Children: one bouncing baby pinball,uh I mean,boy.But for those of
you that have one yourselves,you knew what I meant anyway I would imagine.**

What do you look like: A viking covered in sawdust**
Famous Person doyou look like:there are no famous people,or at least
there shouldn't be.I mean really, get your own lives folks.**

Favorite actor/actress: anybody convincing.**
Favorite movies: ::shrugs::any of the 200 or so I've bought on video
tape. If I had to choose...probably the quiet man with John Wayne.**
Favorite drink: on occasion,maybe two or three times a year I'll
break dwn and buy a six pack of ice cold Budwieser......otherwise...I'd say water.**

Best Buddy: my wife**
Pets and their names: of course theres a dog named jake,I suppose I
should include my wifes  CAAAAAATTTT,sorina....lets
see..hmmm...upwards of twenty fish or names....a few
horses,couple mules..a herd of cattle....some goats..and at the back
of the property,a couple pigs..but not for long..I do like fresh
Hobbies: my work**
Things you collect: cash money,check will do,I even accept credit

Best Advice:    when your through learning...your through**
Important lessons you've learned: refer to"best advise"**
Coolest experience of my life: Alaska,or,perhaps northern Japan.or if
you refer to something other than the temperature,well,theres any a
number of freefalls,base jumps,repels,climbs,bungee jumps ,so on,so
forth,all over the world.You see I was at the beginning of what is
now known as the X generation,doing all that stuff before it was
cool,now that it's the hip fad it's kinda lost its appeal.I do still 
however,jump out of a perfectly good airplane ,every now and again.**

Scariest thing you've ever done: theres no such thing as scary**
Favorite thing to do: for the sake of the younger generations that
will be reading this ,i shall refrain from comment.**
Special Skills or talent:refer to "favorite thing to do." 
well,I will say I can carve anything ,out of a piece of wood,or stone.**

Funniest experience?: refer to "favorite thing to do."**
Favorite Website: I'll keep it in context .Fantasy Realms Journal APA**
Favorite author: theres too many to mention**
Favorite color(s): all of them**
Favorite book(s): theres too many to mention**

Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust:hard to say,theres been so many.**

Quote that best describes you:  a steadfast pillar in the strongest
of storms,or at least,so I've been told.**


Character Name: Kain Ashburner**
Real Name: Some call me Mike....**
DOB: May 11**
Birthplace: Ohio**
Hometown: not tell'n**
Sibling(s): 1 brother**
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: not tell'n**
Children: none**

Nationality: American**
What do you look like:  like someone**
Famous Person doyou look like: none**

Favorite actor/actress: hmm.... not sure**
Favorite movies:  Citizen Kane **
Favorite drink: coke**
Best Buddy: hmm....**
Pets and their names: hmm...**
Hobbies: Magic : The Gathering , Models , Swordplay , VIDEO GAMES!!!**
Things you collect:  Cards**

Best Advice:  Don't pet a FLameing Dog......**
Important lessons you've learned:  Don't spit into the wind....**
Coolest experience of my life: hmm...**
Scariest thing you've ever done: hmm....**
Favorite thing to do:  Play Video Games**
Special Skills or talent: very good with most computers and equipment....**

Funniest experience?: hmm..**
Favorite Website: hmm..... I have so many....**
Favorite author:  hmm.....I can't remeber**
Favorite color(s):  Green and Black**
Favorite book(s):  anything medieval**

Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: I have to many....probly first 
meeting Morralyne......**

Quote that best describes you:  I can't think of any.....**

Character Name:  Alyssa Victoria Gloomfaust**
Real Name: Crystal, often known by Cris or Crys in the realms.. for
various reasons **
DOB: 4/5/79 **
Birthplace: Florida**
Hometown: Somewhere South Carolina **
Sibling(s): My family is to complicated to explain here, I'm really
close to one of my brothers, so I'll count him.**

Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Well at the moment I'm in love with
Lance, whom I hope to marry someday... actually August 7, 2000 but 
that will be to soon...**
Children: Not yet **
What do you look like: I am a composite of all my fantasies put into
one body, with one mind and one spirit, I am beautiful. **
Famous Person do you look like: Lots of people say I look like
Christina Richie < the girl of Adam's Family > I don't think so.. **

Favorite actor/actress: John Travolta, Nicholus Cage**
Favorite movies: Interview with the Vampire, Quest for Camelot, many
many more.**
Favorite drink: The red stuff the school cafeteria serves  down>**
Best Buddy: Most definately Danelle.. Lance and Eric too**
Pets and their names: Cat - iana , Mouse- chester , boyfriend- Lance**
Hobbies: I'm to busy with school, but I like to write**
Things you collect: memories, characters, **

Best Advice: Live each day of your life as though it were to be your
last, don't rush love, but cherish it, and don't just save your
"best" things for special occasions.**
Important lessons you've learned: Love is happy, though it also hurts.**
Coolest experience of my life: ::smiles:: December 10**
Scariest thing you've ever done: Drive home when I'm dead tired....
for one**
Favorite thing to do: Live, Love, and ::grins:: love**
Special Skills or talent: I am very good at writing poetry, and my
imagination is so far unmatched by anyone I know... except maybe
Raith's mun**
Funniest experience?: Watching "Who's Line is it Anyway"**
Favorite Website: ::jokingly::**
Favorite author: Edger Alan Poe, Willam Shakesphere**
Favorite color(s): black, red, green, blue**
Favorite book(s): Deep End of the Ocean**
Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: Coming back with my son, into the
open arms of the father and mothers that I both love**
Quote that best describes you:  Day after day I seek it.... but when
I finally find it... my life will have no meaning **



Character Name: Too many to list, but Zanathos and Skarron were two
whom once walked amongst the Gloomfaust citizens.**
Real Name: Matthew Whoseewhatzit **
DOB: was cold and dark in the bloody hell of a hospital,
but maybe it was two days after Christmas on the Bicentennial of the
US of A.**
Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada  ::another pull of the slots::**
Hometown: *See birthplace* **

Sibling(s): Two older brothers who I could really care less about.**
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Well now, I won't say Juniper's
name......but by next summer I will be through with bachelorhood
and have a ring on me left index.**
Children: I have a 6 year old son, Jacob Alexander.**

Nationality: I'm least in the geographic sense.
Irish/Native American by birth.**
What do you look like: 6' even, long, multitoned blonde hair to about
midback, greyish/blue eyes with a starburst about the cornea that
changes from hazel  to almost brillant silvery , a medium/heavy build......hmmm, what else, I sorta
work out, keeping in good shape......or so I'm told.**

Famous Person do you look like: That varies, everything from a buff
Leo DeCraprio to Edge of WWF.....depends on who you ask, but I
honestly could care less.....always liked the idea of being original.**
Favorite actor/actress: My job allows me a different perspective of 
the film industry, so this question has to be in who I
like personally or professionally.**
Favorite movies: That is an extremely long list, I enjoy cinema at
its best. I watch everything from old Film Noir to modern
Dramas.....Sci-fi, Romance, you name it, I've been there done that
and loved it. To me, film is nothing more than a book with images to
fill in the gaps.**

Favorite drink: Definately a Cokesucker here.....cannot have alcohol
much anymore, borderline Diabetes.......fate sucks sometimes, ya know?**
Best Buddy: My bestest bud has been and will be for many years to
come.....the little green booger stuck on my wall! ::snickers:: No,
his name is Pete.....and he's been more like a brother to me than my
own blood brothers have.**
Pets and their names: Shadow, Persian/Sable mix, solid black with
almost runic markings in dark grey all over....ya have to look
closely though.....but not too close, lil sucker may only be 11" in
length from head to butt, but he's got 1 inch talons that render
flesh like a redhot razor through butter and the sabers in his mouth
to give more than a nibble with. He has golden eyes and a cool
demeanor, just likes to roughhouse with people like the wrestlers he
watches on TV.**
Hobbies: Whatever comes to mind, no matter how crazy.**
Things you collect: I collect "memories".**

Best Advice: Hmm, live hard, be lean and always go between.....or in
more sophisticated terminology...."Hope for the best, expect the
worst and take whatever comes."**
Important lessons you've learned: Never play chicken with a shotgun,
pay attention to intuition, always eat your vegetables, always flush
when you're done and above all else, keep your sense of humor up, it
can save your me on this.**
Coolest experience of my life: The day my son opened his eyes to me.
Scariest thing you've ever done: Calling my entire family after my 
father's...*ahem*...."untimely" demise and informing them of the bad
Favorite thing to do: ::a twisted smirk:: That all depends on my mood
at the given moment. **
Special Skills or talent: Answering this question would seem too much
like bragging, so I will remain modest and politely decline to answer.**
Funniest experience?: Hmm, though it wasn't funny in the slightest at
the time, I'd have to say the day my son pissed in my face while I
was changing his diaper.**
Favorite Website: Hmmmm.....with my cruddy computer, it's a wonder I
can even see some of the blah ones.**
Favorite author: A long, distinguished roster of those names can be
made avaliable for only 3 easy installments of $19.95.**
Favorite color(s): All of them are absolutely fantastic, making life
so vivid and interesting....but my personal faves are Blue, Black and
Forest Green.**
Favorite book(s): Subscribe to the answer of "Favorite Author" above
and you'll recieve the extensive lists of books at no additional cost.**

Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: Damn, when was there never
something for the meories in this crazy place?!**

Quote that best describes you: "Starkle, starkle, lil twink, who the 
heck I be I think, I'm not under the alcofluence of any inkohol that
you many beeple thinkle I pee, I only had two martoonis and I'll be
all sundayed up by Sober."**



Character Name:  Daniel Thrawn **
Real Name: William French**
DOB: 9-4**
Birthplace: Lagrange, GA**
Hometown: Originally, Roanoke AL, now Montgomery AL and Auburn AL**

Sibling(s): Stan French**
What do you look like:  5'11 Brown hair, hazel eyes, 185 lbs**
Favorite actor/actress: Noah Wyle**
Favorite movies: Christmas Vacation, Moving, Mash, Animal House, The
Favorite drink: Water**
Pets and their names:  A golden retriever: Sisko, A German Shepherd:
Hobbies: Music, playing the guitar**

Best Advice: Dont ever give up, and always follow your heart**
Important lessons you've learned: You really do not know who your
friends are until you are down.  No matter who you are, or what you
are like, you are still you, and dont let anyone change that.**
Coolest experience of my life: Skiing in Colorado!**
Scariest thing you've ever done: Being run-over by a golfcart on
Favorite thing to do: Play Guitar**
Special Skills or talent: Playing guitar and singing in front of

Funniest experience?: Throwing up after walking in on my parents
having sex**
Favorite author: hmm.... T.S. Eliot, and George Orwell**
Favorite color(s): Hunter Green , Navy Blue**



Character Name:   Matt Sabbati **
Real Name: Matt Reichenbacher**
DOB:  10/14/82**
Birthplace: Centralia IL**
Hometown:   Centralia IL, in a couple years, Rochester MI unless my
baby and i decide to move.**

Sibling(s):  1/2 brother Josh, step sister Amanda, step brother Zach**
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse:  yep, got one, i love her very much**
Children: not yet**

Nationality:  Irish, Italian, German**
What do you look like:  sandy dark blond hair, about 5'8, 5'9, Green
Famous Person doyou look like:  a few have said i look like a young
tom cruise or bradd pit, but i think they are full of shi*(not sure
how much i can say, hehe).  I am not sure if i look like any actors. 
i am an actor, does that count?**

Favorite actor/actress:  Actors: all of Monty Python, John Travolta,
Steve Buscemi, Jeff Goldblum, Antonio Banderas, Robert Dinero, Kevin
Spacey, Samuel L Jackson. Actresses:  Christina Zada Jones, Salma
Favorite movies: Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, Night
at the Roxbury, Resevoir Dogs, Dirty Work, Star Wars:  Return of the
Jedi, Waterboy**
Favorite drink:  Sprite**
Best Buddy: Chris**
Pets and their names:  3 dogs, Roxy, Casey, and Spot, and two cats
Raven, and Pandora**
Hobbies:  Writing, Reading, RPing, lots of other things**
Things you collect: Comic books though it is more for the reading
than the collecting**

Best Advice: If you and another are in love, no matter what others
say, don't let anything stop you from loving each other and being
Important lessons you've learned:  make sure three way calling is off
when it should be!!**
Coolest experience of my life: hearing Lane say she loved me for the
first time**
Scariest thing you've ever done:  not sure**
Favorite thing to do: tak to Lane, when i can't do that it is hang
out with Chris**
Special Skills or talent: i can write and act, there are more**

Funniest experience?: tricking my friend into beleiving i was going
to shoot him.  i took a revolver, put a used bullet cassing in it and
should the cylinder to my friends, all they could see was the back
which is no different from an unused one, so they thought it was a
live round so first i out it to my hand and pulled the trigger, the
looks on their faces was hilarious they were worried even the one who had known me since preschool, one thought it was funny.  i pointed
the gun at one of them and he took of running out my door, when all
but one remained, the one who has known me since preschool, i showed
him and he laughed his ass out and said i was very convincing.**

Favorite Website: right now the jhon gotti tribute page.**
Favorite author:  K.W. Jeter, right now**
Favorite color(s): Black, Red, and deep blue**
Favorite book(s): Star Wars:  The Mandolorian Armor.  Book One of:
The Bounty Hunter Wars.**

Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust:  hmmmm....Matt and Raven in the
Tavern or inn along with Lynn and Morra**
Quote that best describes you:  "is he insane?"**



Character Name: Mist**
Real Name: *...and within the deepest cold of winter.. the dreams
would freeze* **
DOB: 1-3**
Birthplace: Ohio**
Hometown: ..a lil Village in the middle of cow country**

Sibling(s): 3 older brothers**
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Well..he somehow manages to put up with me......Now if I can just  dig my claws in a lil ---'er.. 
I..think thats a "yes"... **
(Me..marriage material?!..heh..RUN!)**
Children: .....(::sings::"I dont wanna grow up..I'm a Toy's R Us 
Kid""::trails off::)**

Nationality:   ::shrugs::as in..."heritage"?  Indian/Canadian **
What do you look like: long,almost black eyes..about 
5'4"...want more..?gotta find me n'ask.**
Famous Person do you look like:...uh..none?**
Favorite movies: I like to many to mention...but I think The Good
Son...was a really kewl movie**
Favorite drink: N-A?**
Best Buddy: Travis..Can I borrow Marylin?::runs n'hides::**
Pets and their names: TeddyBear hamster..Wolfgang (yes,..after the
composer)..and ::smirks::boy is he kewl when the paint fumes get to
him.  A dwarf hamster..Raps..(yeah..shortname for the fairytale chickie with the long hair) 3 frogs..Bud , Wise..and ::giggles:: Mine.  3 fishytanks..too many fish to name all people..reallyreally dont wanna know the rest..or..even -this- ya?**

Hobbies: depends on the**
Things you collect: sand dollars...n'..memories**

Best Advice: Dont get caught..(n' from Mist's b/b..'shut yer trap")**
Important lessons you've learned: I..Dont learn Lessons well .**
Coolest experience of my life: When I lived in England..we traveled a
lot.. Being in actual Castles..esp. the dungeons..major kewlness.**

Scariest thing you've ever done: Unfortunately, I..dont scare..... heh..yeah... honest.**

Favorite thing to do: ::sage nod:: thats it....yep(was that
Special Skills or talent: I dont brag...ask someone else.**
Funniest experience?: When my mum sent my oldest..(and majorly stoned
at the time) for me at a.."family" picnic at
Buckeye Lake..Big place.One of those "ya hadda be there." things.

Favorite author: too many t'list.. but..Among the top>> Eliot.. Poe..
A.McCaffery.. Crichton..King(ugh..go on laugh..oh well) ..Asimov..
Orwell.. Andrews**
Favorite color(s): Black..forrest green**
Favorite book(s): I could never decide on a Single one**

Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust:...'in'.?::smirks::I'm Not telling ::winkx::**

Quote that best describes you:  ""MineMineMineAllMine..STAY AWAY!!" 
"I'm not Stoned...I'm Just a Pathetic Creature of Lust"...yeah
that..really did 'slip out'  one day.."if you give'll never know.."**


Character Name: Sathain Averren **
Real Name: Eric**
DOB: Jan. 2nd. 1976. Year of the Dragon ::grins::**
Birthplace: San Jose Ca.  **
Hometown: Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  and it's better than Charleston SC.I
don't care what that little poll says Melissa ::Grins::.**

Sibling(s): Ick... three older sisters.. ::chuckles::  That was fun
grow'n up with...**
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Don't I wish...  I am take'n requests
though. ::winks::**
Children: I know of some, there small right?...  None are mine

Nationality: A great mix of Scottish and Native American.**
What do you look like: ::Looks around for a picture or a mirror::... 
Hmm..  6' lbs...  Dark brown, almost black hair.  Blue eyes that
change to green in the right moods.::grins::...  And when I'm pissed
too...  And I have an athletic build.**
Famous Person do you look like: ::Chuckles::  Well, when I have my
round glasses on, people say I could be John Lennon's son.  But I
don't see it...**

Favorite actor/actress: Damn, I worked at a movie store for three
years, so I have a lot.  Lets see if I can pick one of each. Actor:
Harrison Ford and Actress: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio ::Gets extra
points for spelling it right::**
Favorite movies: Another movie one?...  well, I have to start with
all the StarWars ones, and StarTrek 2,6 and FirstContact...  Blade
for a Vampire type.  Event Horizon for a spooky one. Airplane for
funny.  Regarding Henry and Sent of a Woman for the Drama types... 
Good enough?**

Favorite drink: For soda I have to go with Dew.  And for fun, I make
a drink called "Mush-Brain". ::Grins:: it does what it's called...**
Best Buddy: ::Thinks::  Hmmmmm...  Can't really say, all my friends
are about the same.  I don't place one higher than anyone else.**
Pets and their names: Suka, my cute little Ferret.**
Hobbies: Bowling...  Don't laugh, I'm good at it, and it's a small
town, not a lot to do...**
Things you collect:  Picture Cards.  And anything drawn by Joseph
Michael Linsner.**

Best Advice: I live in a forest, and it's at the top of a mountain. 
So I'll go with: Don't eat the yellow snow.  and: Play dead if a bear
runs after you.**
Important lessons you've learned: To play dead when a bear runs after
you... Damn things run fast... ::Chuckles::**
Coolest experience of my life: Sky-Dive'n!... Woo-Hoo... Everyone
should try it once...**
Scariest thing you've ever done: Ha, were back to that bear thing
again...  Nothing worse than watch'n a little cub play in a trash
-can, and have Mama-Bear, who's about the size of a VW, think your
too close, never knowing she was even there...**
Favorite thing to do: Go to new places, meet new people.**
Special Skills or talent: If I see someone do something even once, I
can redo that same thing, just as good, if not better...  Kinda
pissed of some people in school with that...**

Funniest experience?: Anytime "The Group" from school get together. 
We have a blast, and no one can come up with better jokes than us
when we meet up.**
Favorite Website: I'm with Melissa on this one...  I got none...**
Favorite author: R.A. Salvatore.  Have not read a single book I
didn't like. And Melissa's not that bad herself. ::Blows a kiss with
a wink::**
Favorite color(s): Black and Red.  And Grey...**
Favorite book(s): Ha..  Way too many to even think of a list.**

Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: So far?...  ::Smiles::  When Zella
and Sath did his first walk into the land...  It's just a start, and
can only get better from here.**

Quote that best describes you:  "If your going to walk on thin ice,
you might as well dance."**