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Morra's Wizards mark...

On her left breast she bares a wizards
mark....a lightening bolt...that she can
call the sky fire at her whim......a 
vampire bat....with a stroke of her finger
she can transform to a bat...or call upon 
a swarm of bats to come to her aid.....a 
Black her the power to cascade
poisionous black roses..

Links through the Castle

Welcome to Gloomfaust
Main Page, Enter the land and meet the Countess
Cntss Morra in her Study
View the personal study of the Countess
Morra's Crypt
Grand Hallway
Pictures of Family and Friends line the grand hallway
CntssMorra's Wizards Mark
see her marking up close...
CntssMorra's Links Page!
favorite links
Gloomfaust Gazette Archives
See the newsletter of the land.
CntssMorra's Creator
meet the lady behind Morra

Her bloodtears fall from her eyes and her broken heart.......happiness is all she seeks.....the mend all that pulls at her aching heart...will i ever find true happiness....