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when you have Dawn dreams.... they can come true... :o)
loose heads, green knees, MIB... we want it all!

Dedication ~

This page is dedicated to all my DAWN friends * and you KNOW who YOU ARE!!!*
To all who were there to just listen to me babble on the boards, or chitter in chat. If you sold me something or just sent me the smallest trinket. Thank you.... thank you for making Dawn's world a special place.
*I always believed that you meet the people in your life for a reason. You guys are better then friends I had as a child. Maybe cause we're wiser and have money! ::laughs:: I am so happy I found my way to this group. I'm so addicted!
To the Goddess herself DAWN and all of her beautiful court of ladies. What can I say, after 29 years you still look gorgeous!

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