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ruler of Gloomfaust
"among the Mists & Roses"

Links through the Castle

Welcome to Gloomfaust
Main Page, Enter the land and meet the Countess
Cntss Morra in her Study
View the personal study of the Countess
Morra's Crypt
Grand Hallway
Pictures of Family and Friends line the grand hallway
CntssMorra's Wizards Mark
see her marking up close...
CntssMorra's Links Page!
favorite links
Gloomfaust Gazette Archives
See the newsletter of the land.
CntssMorra's Creator
meet the lady behind Morra
The Muns of Gloomfaust !!
Meet your the real players
The Camera Shy MUNs !!
More players, just a bit shy

Watch your Step as you Enter my Crypt...

As you walk down the stairs to the lower level, you see
the wine racks covered in dust. Her hand finds the
bottle and pulls the neck forward.The wall moves slowly
and creeks.You enter the doorway and wipe away the cobwebs.
The glow of the moon fills one window to the right.
A ring of fire burns around her coffin, that she uses
on occasion. Floating above the coffin is the vampire
slayers sword, the one they retrieved from the slayer
long ago. There it shall remain til......