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Michelle's dolls drove over to the convention in there shiney red Pippa convertible!

Rockflower Michelle! The Ultimate Groovy Chick! :o) It was totally awesome to finally meet her. Many of you know we had an arguement and found the path back to our friendship. Thank god! If you think she is sweet online..... whoaaa she is just the same way in person. She was the #1 dawnette I needed to meet. I needed to give her dawn hugs in person. I always call Michelle the godmother of my dolls, since I got my first dawn, my namesake Glori from her. Her husband Steve was very nice and a good sport and helped us play some games on friday night.

Wendy's collection was great to look at! She had Cloak and Swagger, Bikini Beach Bunny, Golden Moment, Maxi Mod, Zig Zag Dazzler and a whole lot more. Great Boxes Wendy! Keep it up!

Michelle going through the CD's. "What do we want to hear next? Partridge Family? Brady Bunch? Sonny and Cher? We have it all here"

Jodi..... still wiping away tears of dawn happiness after we gave her our gift.