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Dawn welcomes all the Dawnette's to the 1st ever Dawn Doll Convention!! ((Jodi did ask me if I wanted to take Dawn home with me. But, I had to leave her behind since I was on airport detail. ))

Me, Dawn and Lucianne taking a break. It was really cool to meet Lucianne. She was the first person to send me a dawn freebie. A dawn booklet so I could ID some outfits before i got my book of Joedi. :o)

Lucianne, Carla and Tina working on reroots. Notice the cluttered Dawn table. This made me very nervous since I like to be neat when I work on my dolls. I just lurked around and watched. :o)

Babs adds a few white hair strands to a side part Glori that had a few plugs missing. This made some very nice highlights in Glori's hair and it was not a big change to the doll.

Rerooting hair and fixing up eyelashes...... Dinah get's rebraids that are nice and tight.