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Welcome to our world. ::smiles:: The world of our roleplaying and creative expression. We are a group of people, from all over that enjoy putting on a persona and becoming someone else for a few hours. This page was made for each other so we can share a bit more of ourselves. As the ruler of this land, I attempt to make our world as real as it can be in cyberspace. When you pass the links of the land and meet the members under the names (MUN's) keep in mind this is a game. A game we play in our minds...on our our hearts.

Links through the Castle

Welcome to Gloomfaust
Main Page, Welcome - Meet the Countess,her family and friends.
Cntss Morra in her Study
View the personal study of the Countess
Morra's Crypt
Grand Hallway
Pictures of Family and Friends line the grand hallway
CntssMorra's Wizards Mark
see her marking up close...
CntssMorra's Links Page!
favorite links
Gloomfaust Gazette Archives
See the newsletter of the land.
CntssMorra's Creator
meet the lady behind Morra
The Muns of Gloomfaust !!
Meet your the real players
The Camera Shy Muns page!
More players, just a bit shy

Meet the Mun's of Gloomfaust.......

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Name: CntssMorra - Countess Morralyne Liana Gloomfaust & RavenGNite - Countess Raven Gloomfaust Nite ** Real Name: Loriann or preferred Lori ** DOB: 12/6/66 ** Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York ** Hometown: Staten Island, New York ** Sibling(s): I have 2 sisters ** Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: yes, yes, and yes ::grins:: ** Children: nope ** Nationality: Italian ** What do you look like: Long black hair, brown eyes, about 5'3" , pleasantly and happily plumb ** Famous Person doyou look like: been told I look like Ricki Lake and or Rosie O'Donell ** Favorite actor/actress: Marilyn Monroe ** Favorite movies: Titanic, Somewhere in Time, City of Angels ** Favorite drink: Marguritas, Coke or Diet snapple iced tea ** Best Buddy: Dorothy and Jennifer ** Pets and their names: Genie my Pekingnese ** Hobbies: AOL, Web pages, crotching, Reading, Writing Stories and board Games ** Things you collect: anything about Marilyn Monroe - most prized possesion is an original 1955 nude calander** Best Advice: "Live each Day to its fullest" - "Never put off saying what you really want to say"** Important lessons you've learned: " Blondes do not have all the fun "** Coolest experience of my life: Sitting front row to see Andrew Dice Clay........Seeing Bette Midler in concert and asking someone what the little :: :: were for** Scariest thing you've ever done: oooohhh fell asleep for 1/2 a second while driving.......will never do that again! ** Favorite thing to do: chat on AOL and watching wrestling ** Special Skills or talent: uhmmmm ......I can tap dance.....and I own tap shoes.....** Funniest experience?: ::laughs:: to embarrassing to say ** Favorite Websie: The International Lyrics Server - Find your favorite song lyrics! ** Favorite author: V.C. Andrews, A. Roquelane ** Favorite color(s): Black, Pink and Red ** Favorite book(s): any from the above, bid time return** Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: hmmmmm so many to pick from.......when Morra and Raith lost their memory was about the first hardest thing I had to do......and I liked how it played out.......then......probably when Raith returned from the "dead" and met the adult Tennar......I nearly threw up doing that was a very intense time for Morra.......hmmm....Kain and Morra swearing to be brother and sister....and the stolen sword storyline....I wish that one would have played out well enough ** Quote that best describes you: ::chuckles:: " A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do" ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Character Name: The original Raith Lasher Gloomfaust** Real Name: Don Berry ** DOB: 3/1/76 ** Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Veronica Berry ** Children: Lydia, and one on the way {{due feb 5}}** Famous Person doyou look like: the wrestler Sting ** Hobbies: Drawling, Reading, Writting, and other things i will ki mention here** Things you collect: slaves..::smirks::** Best Advice: you can please some of the people most of the time, most of the people some of the time, and others you just cant please** Important lessons you've learned: Trust my own 6th sence--its never wrong** Special Skills or talent: ::smiles innocently:: something you would like to know** Quote that best describes you: you think you know only know what i allow you to know** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Name: VxtennarxV, Count Tennar Dar Gloomfaust & Nosfurotwo** Real Name: Robert Wagner** DOB: 8/8/83** Birthplace: Elizabeth,NJ** Hometown: Elizabeth( no residing in linden)** Sibling(s): 1** Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: a girlfriend** Children: 1 daughter , 19 months** Nationality: GERMAN .. , ITALIAN** What do you look like: 5`7 5`8 black hair , brown eyes 121lbs. glasses** Famous Person doyou look like: some guy in the movie mimic (as my g/f tells me)** Favorite actor/actress: Al pacino , Sharon Stone** Favorite movies: Devils Advocate, the shinning** Favorite drink: VODKA STRAIGHT** Best Buddy: My g/f** Pets and their names: NONE** Hobbies: drawing and the computer** Things you collect: money ** Best Advice: when i girl or women is gonan yhave sex with you and they dont knwo that you had sex before.. lie and say its your first time** Important lessons you've learned: never Cheat...!!!** Coolest experience of my life: White Water Rafting** Scariest thing you've ever done: umm. got drunka nd high and didnt knwo if i would die** Favorite thing to do: make love... j/k, either drink or hang with friends** Special Skills or talent: drawing in knowledge of a PC** Funniest experience?: first tiume getting high** Favorite author: Stephen king , edgar allen poe, or Anne Rice** Favorite color(s): black red adn blue** Favorite book(s): anythign writen by the above arthurs** Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: when i first lived there and then when i left** Quote that best describes you: What is death?No one can see it, touch it or feel it! The only way we will find out what death is, is when death comes for us!(writen by me)** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Name: Nathaniel Raith Nite ** Real Name: Kevin Eugene Colley ** DOB: (IC) December 27, 1126 B.C. (OOC) December 27, 1974** Birthplace: (IC) Lochshield Scottland (OOC) Knoxville Tennessee** Hometown: (IC) Aster in Gloomfaust (OOC) Mascot Tennessee** Sibling(s): (IC) All deceased, they died before my birth (OOC) One older sister Shana Arbegast** Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: (IC) Raven Simone Gloumfaust Nite (OOC) Still looking** Children: (IC) Karynn Simone Nite** Nationality: (IC) Scottish (OOC) German Indian** What do you look like: I have been told many times I look like Al Boreland on Home Improvement.** Famous Person doyou look like: Other than the guy I've already mentioned I've been likened to Big Bird** Favorite actor/actress: Sean Connery or Mel Gibson, Terry Hatcher, Thelma Hiack** Favorite movies: Dawn to Dusk, anything with 007(as long as it isn't played by Timothy Dalton) Lost boys (hehe my life story)** Favorite drink: SURGE!! or Jack Daniels and Coke** Best Buddy: Chris Kraft we have been friends for years...** Pets and their names: one dog Bear part chow part spitz** Hobbies: Role playing, collectable card games like magic or Vampire TES** Things you collect: cards antique matchbox and ladies undies** Best Advice: Learn to please it will get you far in life.** Important lessons you've learned: Always play nice...** Coolest experience of my life: Making love too Tracy** Scariest thing you've ever done: Sex with a married woman** Favorite thing to do: SEX!!** Special Skills or talent: I have been told many times I have a talented tongue... I learn most anything seeing it once** Funniest experience?: loosing my virginity** Favorite Website:** Favorite author: Anne Rice** Favorite color(s): Green** Favorite book(s): All 5 of the Vampire Cronicles by Anne Rice,** Interview with a Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, Tale of the Body thief, Memnoch the Devil.(I have yet to read Voilin the 6th book and continuation of the series through the eyes of David Talbot one of Lestat's childre)** Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: The meeting of Raith's wife Raven** Quote that best describes you: Oiyvae! ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Name: ChrisLNoir/ AntnGerard ** Real Name: Dave ** DOB: 9/53 ** Birthplace: Ft. Eustis Va.** Hometown: Newfield NY** Sibling(s): Several half brothers and sisters ** Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Tinker** Children: Michael** Nationality: English** What do you look like: 5'4" 165 lbs. Brown hair, with a touch of grey** Favorite actor/actress: presently....Sandra Bullock** Favorite movies: anything shoot em up with Bruce Willis** Favorite drink: beer** Best Buddy: JJ** Pets and their names: My dog "Buddy".....spaniel cross** Hobbies: Gloomfaust** Things you collect: Bills, Bills, and more Bills** Best Advice: Never take anything for granite, that way you'll never be dissappointed.** Important lessons you've learned: Listen before you act.** Coolest experience of my life: Seeing my Sister for the first time ever (this yr)** Scariest thing you've ever done: Climbing the Falls** Favorite thing to do: Sit by the pool and have too much beer** Favorite Website: Nascar Online** Favorite color(s): Blue** Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: The day I wanderered into Gloomfaust, and met all the players......wondering what the Hell I was doin here.** Quote that best describes you: "If at first you don't succeed.....find someone who will" ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Character Name: RavenDRose ** Real Name: Teresa ** DOB: 2-23 ** Birthplace: Ohio, right smack in the middle ** Hometown: Ohio, short apron strings ** Sibling(s): One older sister, One older brother, Im the baby :) ** Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Chris :)** Children: 3 prissy girls, put our initials together and we spell BEST :)** Nationality: American with an Irish, Italian, German, and Heinz57 heritage.** What do you look like: Long Straight Brown Hair, Brown eyes, 5'1 105lbs ** Famous Person do you look like: My dad says when they made me they broke the mold. So I guess I am one of a kind. :) ** Favorite actor/actress: Actor: Tom Hanks/ Actress: Sandra Bullock** Favorite movies: Grease, While you were sleeping, The little Mermaid, Xanadu ** Favorite drink: Pepsi ** Best Buddy: Offline: Sheri, Online: Dave** Pets and their names: Dog: Maggie Cats: Milo and Cali** Hobbies: My children :), did I metion AOL ** Things you collect: Thimbles, Cat figurines, Antique cooking utensils, Pepsi Stuff** Best Advice: My Grandmother told her son who told her daughter...No matter how bad things get..they always seem to work themselves out.** Important lessons you've learned: When mom says its HOT she means it :) And opening an unbrella in the house doesn't bring bad luck..its just a way for moms to keep you from knocking over her good vase.** Coolest experience of my life: The winter of 78?** Scariest thing you've ever done: I'm too chicken** Favorite thing to do: ::grins::** Second Favorite thing to do: Aol, relax, play with the girls, did I mention AOL? ** Special Skills or talent: I can touch my tongue to my nose :)~ ** Funniest experience?: The time when my daughter walked I can't tell that one :) ** Favorite Website: I don't have one.** Favorite author: Jude Deveraux** Favorite color(s): Pink** Favorite book(s): Anything from Jude Deveraux** Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: The post that made 130. ::Grins at Zel:: Pounce ** Quote that best describes you: Smile, it makes people wonder what you've been up to. :)** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Name: Satiani Xiayuo Wandick** Real Name: Serina Nicole Moreland ** DOB: 12-17-81** Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin ** Hometown: Milwaukee, WI** Sibling(s): 4 sisters, 2 brothers...1 is not my real brother, but he's family.** Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: ::growls:: None.. ** Children: NO!** Nationality: African American/Asian American/American Indian** What do you look like: A girl..but im short, like 5'2, and I have a short hair cut, brown skin, and black hair.** Famous Person doyou look like: Really cant say. ** Favorite actor/actress: Jet Li, and Samuel L Jackson and Adam Sandler** Favorite movies: Blade, Lord of the Wu Tang, anything with Jet Li ** Favorite drink: Mountain DEW ** Best Buddy: Marc...((Eskimogen)), and Tory ** Pets and their names: Pet Cat...i call him Vega the Fallen Star** Hobbies: Singing, writing, talking, and not watching tv** Things you collect: Love, respect, money, friends, and Adidas merchandice ** Best Advice: Know Thyself ** Important lessons you've learned: What you think you need, you dont. ** Coolest experience of my life: When I did my first demo of Martial Arts. ** Scariest thing you've ever done: Jumping from a 7 ft wall breaking both of my heels. ** Favorite thing to do: Sing.** Special Skills or talent: I sing and write.** Funniest experience?: When I slipped on some Ice in the alley and fell. ** Favorite Website: Too many to name.** Favorite author: Christopher Pike and Edgar allen Poe** Favorite color(s): Black** Favorite book(s): Too many to name** Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: When Lynn knocked me out! ** Quote that best describes you: Angel to some, demons to others...ehehehhehehehe!** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Name: Alec Deaven** Real Name: Travis Micheal Saunders** DOB: 1/11/83** Birthplace: San Francisco, California** Hometown: Eugene ** Sibling(s): brother, Zach,13, sister, Heidi, 26** Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: thats a very wierd situation** Children: I am how old again?** Nationality: Antarctic ** What do you look like: 6'1, about 230lbs, dark blonde, brown hair, blue eyes** Famous Person doyou look like: None** Favorite actor/actress: Steve Buscemi ** Favorite movies: many many many, a lot of Anime** Favorite drink: Rootbeer, and blood** Best Buddy: Micheal, Rhonda, and Marylin** Pets and their names: Zoe, cat** Hobbies: Writing, reading, AOL junkie, being a wierd ass goth, RPs, video games** Things you collect: Comic books, Roleplaying games, Video games, wierd friends ** Best Advice: Don't listen to my advice** Important lessons you've learned: The life lessons generally are painful** Coolest experience of my life: ummm dunno really** Scariest thing you've ever done: ummm** Favorite thing to do: Writin, I am a published Poet, and Music** Special Skills or talent: nope non** Funniest experience?: Ask me about it I will tell ya** Favorite Website: Ear Candy** Favorite author: H.P Lovecraft or Stephen R. Donaldson** Favorite color(s): Black, blue, green** Favorite book(s): Thomas Convent the Unbeliever series, Coldfire Trilogy, Xanth Series** Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: ummm when the little green men and women tied me down and molested me... or was that in real life...?** Quote that best describes you: "Whomever fights Monsters Should see to it that In the process he does not Become a Monster And when you look long into The Abyss, the Abyss also looks Into You." "There is no Beast without Cruelty." -Fredrick Wilhelm Nietzche- ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Name: DarkRogueX, Lews Therin Telamon Rodello** Real Name: Joe Kelly** DOB: Sometime in June** Birthplace: IL ** Hometown: Peoria** Sibling(s): One older brother** Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: none** Children: none** Nationality: Irish/German/Swedish/Native American. all around mutt** What do you look like: 6'2 medium black brown hair, golden brown eyes.** Famous Person doyou look like: uhhh none that I know of, I am an original** Favorite actor/actress: Mel Gibson** Favorite movies: Lethal weapons, star wars, Under Siege** Favorite drink: Vodka straight up** Best Buddy: Jamie my cousin.** Pets and their names: Jack Russel Terrier, Timon. Domestic short hair, flower** Hobbies: basketball,rping and being a subby.** Things you collect: hehe nothing, but I am collected ;)** Best Advice: Dont listen to anyone.** Important lessons you've learned: dont listen to anyone lol.** Coolest experience of my life: wining three basketball games in a row against some college guys.** Scariest thing you've ever done: Gone into a spooky grave yard at 2 in the morning.** Favorite thing to do: Spend time with my dad.** Special Skills or talent: being a subby.** Funniest experience?: Hmm life is funny** Favorite Website: Morras of course.** Favorite author: Robert Jordan** Favorite color(s): Red and Blue, I like black also** Favorite book(s): The Wheel of Time series** Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: First getting acepted, and having the honor of leading the army under Morra.** Quote that best describes you: blah** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Name: Zella "Half Dragon" M'Kysa ** Real Name: Melissa (Lissa) Marie Moore** DOB: Gonna love this.. 12-24-77.. yeah, I'm a Christmas baby...** Birthplace: In a hospital..I think....I don't remember..::chuckles::** Hometown: Charleston, SC The friendliest city in the United States, yes it's true... to a nation wide poll and we're just super down here...** Sibling(s): Just two younger brothers; one,Ray, who is two years younger than me, is in the Marines and the other, James, needs to be commited to the funny farm. ::chuckles:: You think I'm bad when I'm hyper...** Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Well.. I guess I have a boyfriend... everyone calls him that, his name is Kenneth. ** Children: Kids? Moi? Nooo... I don't think so.. the world isn't ready for my offspring.** Nationality: I'm an american girl.. which means I have just about everything in me... But mostly uh.. Polish, and Irish, and a few other European countries who have disappeared recently. Hey but I can do a really good British accent!** What do you look like: Uhhh... :;Points to the picture:: Like that... I guess... but when I'm not in my 'princess' mode I'm wearing my blue jeans, tee shirt, tinted glasses with my hair pulled back.** Famous Person do you look like: ::Looks to Lynn who suggests the lady who played in Splash and smiles:: Uh.. well one lady said I looked like a murderess who drowned her kids but I'm not too proud of that... ::thinks:: I look like me. And I'm gonna be famous one day kids, mark my words.Gonna write me a best seller, just you wait!** Favorite actor/actress: Can't say.. they're all faking it.** Favorite movies: Princess Bride is always great, I watched Howard the Duck non-stop one week cause I just couldn't get enough of that duck! There's this one movie.. Brain Donors, now that's a funny movie, stupid funny though, you have to be quick to get most of the jokes.** Favorite drink: Sweet Tea! 'Course a southern girl like me would say that.** Best Buddy: Real life.. other than Kenneth there's my best friend who is almost as crazy as I am and actually puts up with me.** Pets and their names: Three king snakes: Honey, Orlando, Sprite. One zombie dog: Buster. Three cats: Fleo, Fluffy and Fatty (just kidding the last one is named Rio) One hamster named Hamster and four fish named Fish... ** Hobbies: AoL of course.. working on my best seller ::grins:: drawing, reading, taking things apart, puzzles, ::shrugs:: going crazy...** Things you collect: Puzzles, Candles, Books, Dust, Junk. according to my family.. ** Best Advice: If you want attention, start a fight.. if you want an audience tell a joke. ** Important lessons you've learned: There's bound to be someone out there who doesn't like you no matter what you do, leave them alone. There's bound to be someone out there who you just don't like no matter how hard you try, leave them alone. There's bound to be someone out there who you are meant be with and vice versa, if you find him/her you won't be alone again. ** Being funny is hard work, but to give someone a reason to smile it's worth the trouble.** Coolest experience of my life: Uhh... Heckling the actors at Disney World? Near death experience? Going all the way to Kentucky and back in two days with just me, my best friend and her new born?** Scariest thing you've ever done: Near death experience? Five car car-accident? Shop lifting? Spending several summers at a haunted rice plantaion?** Favorite thing to do: Please see Hobbies... if you don't I'll cry cause I know you aren't really reading this and just came to see my picture.** Special Skills or talent: Have an amazing talent to learn new talents from other people... ::grins:: That and being oh so funny...** Funniest experience?: Heckling the actors in Disney World? My first date with Kenneth.. (I kicked his butt!::Grins::) ** Favorite Website: I have none.. amazingly enough...** Favorite author(s): Currently Terry Goodkind, Peirs Anthony, Mercedes Lackey, Douglas Adams... and me!** Favorite color(s): Purple and Blue** Favorite book(s): Uhh...remember when I said go see Hobbies? Well do that again but switch Hobbies with Favorite author and think of books that they have written.** Most Memorable time in Gloomfaust: I loved Raven's SL .. ::pokes Raven and grins:: And my favorite quote from it still is " Feeling like a blue plate special..."** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Camera Shy Muns!!

The Camera Shy Muns !!: Here are the players that were camera shy : ) .....